Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sacha Stevenson's Funny Videos

Hello my friends!
Today I will share to you some funny videos were created by Sacha Stevenson.
Okay, before we watch the videos, I will tell you a short biodata of Sacha Stevenson.

Sacha Stevenson is Canadian youtuber which live in Indonesia. She was used to be a teacher in Jakarta until she decided one day to take an acting Class at "SAS" with Eka Sitorus. This changed her path and so she quit her job and dove into a career of acting, presenting, and modeling for tv and commercials. She absolutely love it! She has done several commercials, programs and some modeling as well. Most recently she has been on a comedy/travel show "Wara Wiri" as Sasa with Komeng and Adul.

I think, her videos are very funny and I like her videos so much.
Here are the videos. Hopefully you like them too!

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